Dreamlike exotic locations of Isabelle Feliu’s illustrations

The settings of illustrations depicting ephemeral, nearly surreal locations full of sand and palm trees might not be an obvious choice for somebody coming from Canada and based in Norway, but precisely this was Isabelle Feliu‘s pick.

Isabelle, who has collaborated, among others, with Puma and Marie Claire France, has been asked to be interviewed quite a few times, but rest assured that Approachable Art has done its best to provide its readers with a one-of-the-kind interview with the artist.

Dragon Fruit & Champagne

Why do you only paint women? Have you ever gone through a creative period when there were men depicted in your works, too?

I started to paint women because they are what I mostly relate to. In fashion school, we drew a lot of feminine silhouettes, my style has evolved a lot since then but the idea of depicting women stayed with me. I haven’t painted many men in the past, except for some private pieces that I didn’t share, but as my style evolves, I would like to make more space for them in my work. 

Have you ever appeared in your own illustrations? If not, how would you set the scene of a self-portrait?

I made an autoportrait once, but I am not really a portraitist and I usually avoid illustrating existing people. 

I am quite shy and introverted, so I think that it would be an important theme in my autoportrait. 

In one of your interviews you state that “my paintings are my wish-list” – how many of those wishes depicted in your illustrations have come true?

Unfortunately, not many! A lot of my illustrations depict places where I would like to be in that moment, but they usually are from my imagination. A big part of that wish list also concerns fashion, but I seldom end up getting the clothes or accessories that I have illustrated. Painting is less expensive than shopping!

Pink Pyramids

Is there any particular time of the day when you feel most productive?

To be honest, I never feel very productive. I do my best to be disciplined and work all day from 9 until when my boyfriend comes back in the evening, but it doesn’t come naturally at any time of the day.

What do you do on those days when you absolutely don’t feel like painting/ drawing?

Emails, preparing things for my accountant, editing my website, lunching with friends and of course, feeling bad about not painting. 

Do you get emotionally attached to the work you create?

Not really, I am attached to it while I am painting it, but once I have finished working on it and that I have scanned it, I don’t have any problem letting it go. 

Seeing how appealing hot exotic locations seem to you, do you think you will move to such a place one day?

It is quite a dream, and I would surely love to live in such places for a while, however right now I am so Nostalgic of Montreal, that I only see myself going back to live there in the long term.  

Peruvian Girl and Friend

Interested in learning more about the artist or getting in touch with her? Here is where you can find Isabelle Feliu and more of her works:

Author: ana_keats

Having originally been born in Siberia, Russia, I ended up living in a very different environment of Bordeaux, France. It is where my chance encounters with talented people, a variety of cultural events attended, and my natural inclination towards appreciation of beauty have propelled me into creation of Approachable Art. I hope my blog will become a source of inspiration for all art lovers like myself.

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