Approachable Art was created in order to celebrate art in all its diverse manifestations – painting, photography, music, dance, etc.

The author of Approachable Art will not employ complicated art terms, present art as something elitist that is there to appreciate for a small group of art experts, or take on the task of educating her audience on art history, philosophy or other academic disciplines.

What I will do, though, is take you on a journey across artistic disciplines and styles of the works that I personally find interesting and inspiring. Or perhaps perplexing and puzzling. The aim of the journey? Getting to understand art better. The means of doing so? Getting to know artists through their own responses to the questions asked in each interview presented in a relevant category.

What you can expect of this blog is the following:

  • getting to know art through its creators, i.e. painters, composers, sculptors, dancers, etc, from all around the world;
  • learning about artists’ reservoirs of ideas, creative process, and its outcome, as well as about their lives with their ups and downs;
  • finding a source of inspiration to, perhaps, create something of your own?..

Approachable Art‘s aim is to demonstrate that art is something that can be enjoyed by everybody, anybody in fact. Once you embrace your curiousity to APPROACH art, you will see that you are ABLE to do so – just as I did 😉